Why There Is A Demand for LED Grow Lights

Traditional farmers depend on nature to provide the sunlight needed for healthy crops. However, city dwellers and growers who do not have acres of land use led grow lights. The lights are sold in a variety of styles that can be adapted for dozens of uses. Grow lights provide the wavelengths needed for plants to thrive in greenhouses. They make it possible to grow nearly anything indoors, in spaces of all sizes.

Grow Lights Are Used in Urban Farming

Many urban citizens now create small greenhouses or gardens in their apartments or communities. They typically use grow lights to ensure that plants get a healthy amount of light. That is especially important in climates where sunshine is scarce. There are also urban farmers who grow cash crops in greenhouses. Some are able to get needed sunlight with rooftop gardens, but many opt for vertical farming. They plant crops in vertically stacked layers and may use soil, aeroponic, or hydroponic methods. Grow lights allow them to control the heat, light and environments.

LED Lights Create Ideal Growing Conditions

Plants only thrive in greenhouses when their environments are carefully regulated and controlled. Essential photosynthesis occurs naturally when the temperature and amount of light are ideal. Grow lights provide the perfect amount of warmth and expose plants to the red and blue wavelengths they need to absorb the most chlorophyll. Ideal chlorophyll absorption happens when grow lights produce between 400 to 500nm as well as 600 to 700nm. LED lights are also energy efficient, which helps growers save money.

Growers Can Choose From Several Designs

Manufacturers like SpecGrade LED offer a range of robust, carefully engineered grow lights that can be adapted to customers’ needs. For example, they make the Linea, a light with a linear form factor that is ideal for greenhouses. The company’s Verta light offers a modular design that clients can customize for their spaces. Their Canna grow light is ideal for warehouse growing environments as well as individual gardens.

LED light manufacturers offer a range of grow lights that make indoor farming possible. The lights allow users in any climate or environment to grow healthy crops.