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Arbitrage Win’s Cryptocurrency Trading

Sometimes called digital cash or money, tokens or virtual currencies, cryptocurrencies are different from British pounds or U.S dollars; cryptocurrencies function online and are not protected by any government, instead they’re backed by relevant networks. Essentially, these cryptocurrencies represent restricted entries in certain database and an entire set of conditions has to be met in order to change the entries. Created using cryptography, the said entries are secured not by people but with math.

The entries that are restricted become published on databases, on the other hand these databases are shared only by a peer-to-peer network. Let’s say that a user sends Bitcoin to their friend, then they’re sending as well as creating restricted entries right into the Bitcoin network. In turn, the network ensures that the user did not create the exact same entry twice; take not that the system does this without authority or central servers.

Arbitrage Win’s Product Facts

1. Multiple Exchange Support – the exchange support found in Arbitrage Win includes the following: Binance, Coincheck, Bitflyer, Poloniex, BitBank, Quoinex and Bittrex.

2. Customizable Based on the User – you can easily set up the user interface and tolerance at your own risk.

3. Record Backed up by Results – the company made over 500,000 yen in profit from January to February 2018.

4. Users Retain Privacy – the company’s record does not store the user’s cryptocurrencies or API Key, thus all accounts are completely safe.

5. No Commissions – every time a user generates profit, no commission is deducted, they keep the entire amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Currencies are Accepted as Payment?

As of now, Arbitrage Win only accepts bitcoins as a way of supporting the cryptocurrency ecosystem, but sometime in the future other coins will be added to the list.

2. What Exchanges does Arbitrage Win Support?

Arbitrage Win supports the following exchanges: Coincheck, Bitflyer, Bitbank, Quionex, Poloniex, Bittrex and Binance. As part of their free service for the users, they plan to eventually add more exchanges.

3. In Case of Further Questions, Will I Receive Support from Arbitrage Win?

For any and all questions or verifications, users can contact them at their customer support email, expect a quick reply.

4. What Risks are Involved with Arbitrage Win?

In checking as well as sending out orders, Arbitrage Win utilizes the API that comes with Exchange. Sometimes, errors occur when calling the API because of a server error in the exchange.

5. How Do I Check Profits?

Stat sites are used when checking profit, it will require a unique key. Take note, the unique key can be seen on the bottom left of Arbitrage Win’s page; profits displayed include current and previous months.

6. Is Owning a Bot Expensive?
When looking at an ROI perspective, bots effectively generate profit within a certain number of days or weeks and even months; the time heavily depends on the capital and risk that the user is taking. In the world of cryptocurrencies, there are numerous arbitrage opportunities but it’s difficult or nearly impossible to manually capture it unless the user is willing to spend all their time in front of a computer. Bots aids the user in automatically capturing the spread, 24/7 and returns are outstanding.

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