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Protest – The Unexpected Benefit It Provides

You have to know that protesting is one method or one way of expressing your opinion or anybody else’s opinion on a big stage. There might be some protest that have immediate outcomes but there are protests that have brought worldwide notice on some of the most crucial and important issues that most people turned a blind eye on. A lot of recent cases that were avoided before have surfaced thanks to people and their guts to protest to what they believe in and to some surprise, protests actually help the world realize that there are so many issues that needs to be addressed. Protests may look violent because of the authorities trying to block and avoid what these protesters are trying to make the general public see because most of the time, government will try to turn a blind eye on the concerns of the many.

Protests will require a lot of supporters to let the government or whatever party to realize and see that what they are doing is not good or it is affecting the lives of many; sometimes when someone wants something, they usually don’t see the negative effects on the project which will lead to protests. These protests are the best way to make them see that what they are doing is not good, well not good for the general public but good for them because they get something from it but what about the people that suffers from what they are doing. People should not limit their protest to just their social media sites; some people protest and take it to the streets to show that they are really serious about what they believe in and that the government or whatever party they disagree with to come to an understanding. This is why protests are beneficial because this can help the people that a certain rule or action is not good. Protests also brings people together; people that are like minded and people who share the same interests and believe the same values will be able to meet other people who are just like them; this helps create a community that they enjoy. Protests bring people with a common goal together and will administer team work; you have to understand that protests are not all about violence and fighting, it is about staying true to what to what you believe in and making the world know that you are dead serious about what you love and they should not take that away from you.

These protests are a way of expressing one’s option and making it known to the people around that you guys mean business and whatever they do to take away that freedom to express will be dealt with something that they do not want to be in.

If you look deeper into what protests show, you will notice that it is all about showing other people that they are different and that they should be respected for that. Not all will have the same mind set and same thinking.

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