Redesign Your Small Business Website in WordPress

You can market your business as effectively as you like but if the website customers land on doesn’t cut it then you are just throwing away good money after bad. So what is the solution?

Say hello to WordPress. WordPress is the wildly popular content management system that powers over a quarter of the whole web including some of the world’s biggest names like the New York Times, Forbes, People Magazine and National Geographic. So if it works for them it can work for you right? Here’s why:

1. It’s flexible

Whether you a dog grooming parlour, coffee shop, boutique fashion house or a high-flying legal firm the WordPress content management system (CMS) has the flexibility to give your business exactly what it needs. The possibilities really are just limited by the imagination of the business with bespoke looks, function and style to match what you want from your company all achievable.

2. Great blogging platform

Every modern business needs a blog because it’s the easiest way to communicate the latest company news and product offering to your customer base, so it makes sense to have it in the same place that customers can buy products and contact you. Up to now platforms like Blogger and Tumblr have been popular choices for small business but now it’s time to bring it in-house.

A WordPress-based site allows you to have a dedicated page for your blog which will give voice to your business and also be a source of regular new content for your website – something that Google loves when it comes to SEO. Plus all of the social shares that you receive across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc all lead right back to your website bringing potential customers with them.

3. WordPress is open source

What ‘open source’ means is that those that use it are able to contribute to its development, generally by the creation of plugins that perform specific tasks and also the development of best practices. But why does this benefit you if you are hiring a web developer to build your website?

Simply put you benefit from the constant improvement. So many people use WordPress now that it is constantly evolving thanks to the influx of new ideas from users so your website will be built on a platform that is continually getting better and you don’t have to pay a penny!

4. WordPress is constantly updating itself for safety and maintenance

Some CMS systems leave the business of updates in your hands – if you don’t check then you don’t get the benefit of the latest version. Not so with WordPress. It updates instantly to keep your site safe, up to date and inline with the latest best practices around security. In short, it’s as safe as houses.

5. WordPress is SEO friendly

We all want our websites to show up effectively in the search results and WordPress can be a powerful tool in helping make it happen. Its default framework and site architecture is easy for Google bots to crawl meaning that they like it, to the point that company CEO Matt Cutts publicly endorsed it, and as we know when it comes to search, Google is king.

Online Shopping Or Product Designing

We try and search a lot, but fail to get the colour and design we look for. What we do in such cases? We generally compromise and buy the next best thing. What else can we do? We have no option but to give in, and we do it. Not all buyers however give up in the same manner we do. Why? Because, not all buyers are ignorant. Some of them know an option to benefit in case their favourite online store fails them.

What is the option? Well, the option is designing your own product. The option is customizing your own product. And the option is personalizing your own product. Yes, three options rolled into one! This is how the landscape of online shopping has changed completely as buyers are no more restricted by the options available at sellers alone. Buyers are no more limited by the options provided by sellers alone. In simple terms, buyers are free to explore beyond the standard and set boundary. And this is something new to the market as such a unique privilege was not available earlier.

In simple terms, now some online shops have started giving buyers the option to design, customize and personalize their t-shirts. Such shops have integrated some sort of tool or software that enables all those designing features and functionalities buyers have longed for years. From adding text to uploading art, from changing design to reviewing changes – the buyers of today are free to do all these things and even more in order to get their favourite t-shirts. From colour to texture to fabric to theme to style – buyers can add all these into their t-shirt and get a product of their own choice.

Clearly, these tools are designed with the purpose to give a complete designing freedom to buyers. They have surely added a new dimension to the domain of online shopping and in coming days, their popularity will surely grow. But at present, not many online shops are offering customization benefits to buyers, which is surprising. Given so many benefits to achieve with these tools, it’d be a huge surprise if top brands did not leverage them fully to grow their business and achieve their sales goals. After all, buyers have evolved today a lot that’s why, sellers need to keep pace with all such changes around.

Quite clearly, these tools seem helpful to both buyers and sellers alike. If they help buyers to design their own t-shirt, then sellers can boost their sales by attracting more customers to the site. If buyers can get value for their money, then sellers now have the option to save a lot of money that they otherwise spend on maintaining a healthy inventory. We can see how such tools are beneficial on many levels and in so many ways. As an entrepreneur, you should give it a try to transform the business completely.

Generation With The Amazing Secrets Of Web Design

As a user, nobody likes to waste his or her time on a frustrating navigation that is hard to read. User experience (UX) and a good website design are two inseparable things and both of them are important to generate good market reputation.

Many business owners think that a website is completely different from the user experience and it is immaterial to underestimate the power of public opinion. If you want to revamp your website to attract ample number of new customers, here are some website designing tips to use like a skyrocket.

How To Generate Leads With Some Spicy Website Designing Secrets?

Share Your Contact Details As More As Possible – There is no-brainer to mention that many websites have the dearth of sufficient contact information, which suggests company is suspicious and counterfeit. Share different ways to make the reach of your clients easy. This does not mean you should only share your social media accounts. Instead, provide your email and phone numbers whenever possible. People are quick with the emails and phone numbers rather than the social media accounts and leaving a message at your site.

Keep Yourself Mobile Friendly – As a study shown, large number of users came from the different types of platforms else than the PC. The number of mobile users is rising day by day and it is utterly important to have a responsive website design as the quintessential component. Reasons why, mobiles are the arm’s reach of every person nowadays, which leads to generate better sales and high productivity. Both the Google and internet have become more mobile-oriented and it is impossible to stay on the top with the latest trends without a responsive as well as dynamic website design over the phones and tablets.

Go Easy On Resources – Just because you are expert with the flashy designs and heavy multimedia sites it doesn’t mean your customers are too. Think about them and remember not everyone is using the latest computers for surfing your website. The customers prefer websites, which are quick enough to open in seconds and rest, are exited in moments. Well, this doesn’t mean you have to pick an outdated design. Consider rolling out the Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) to keep the loading speed of your website quicker.
These points are worth for your website if you want to generate leads. Give them a try-and see the success of your business strategies in all new way.

Web Design Strategies That Impact Customer Experience

There are many reasons clients can bounce back affecting your bottom line awfully.

On a serious note, your site’s aesthetics, usability, navigability and responsiveness is a part and parcel of your brand. Where you miss, you lose!

To battle this showdown, here goes a distilled post that will explain you the five major web design aspects that can turn your customers back to you and improve their experience a notch higher.

1. Presentation and Materialization- Your unstoppable hustle for driving traffic will take you nowhere if your website appearance isn’t cozy and attractive.

Modern website trends must have:

• A responsive design

• Big and Bold Fonts

• Parallax Scrolling

• Striking and stunning “Hero” images

• Rich Multimedia, animation and Visual elements

2. Professionalism- And where do you suppose all the customer labels find the home? It lies in the heart of your company’s formation, staff, reviews, customer satisfaction and cultural atmosphere many times.

These four trust-building values, if included, will help you to delve into the noisy market.

• Testimonials- Quantify your work in any way.

• Staff Pictures- Employee happiness goes a long way in reinforcing professionalism.

• A culture page- A cultural page proves to be a worth in adding values.

• Ambiance- Placing the pictures of state-of-the-art work environment is yet another element that your web design can offer.

3. Comprehensibility & Clarity- Your site should be as lucid as possible. The visitors should be able to find quickly what they want. This could certainly happen by improving the navigability.

The well-known styles trending in navigability are:

• Breadcrumbs

• Drop down menu

• Hamburger Menu

• Centered layout navigation

• Parallax powered menu

• Footer Navigation

4. Page Loading Time- Load time plays a huge role in customers’ arrival on a website. A wait of 3 seconds and the customer will abandon your site and jump to your competitor’s website. Following, the website should load in a blink of an eye.

So, how can you reduce the loading time of your site? Here is the Pro Tip:

• Optimize image sizes and CSS delivery

• Minimize HTTP requests

• Reduce server response time

• Enable Compression

• Minify Resources

• Reduce the number of plug-ins you use on your site

• Reduce redirects.

5. Conversions- The chain of building a brand and making it successful eventually ends up on no. of conversions. Web design can impact conversions and to boast it here are three takeaways:

• Use contrast color to highlight selling propositions

• KISS principle: Keep it simple, stupid.

• Adding Human faces help visitors to relate your business and it makes them feel more comfortable in establishing a connection with you.